Present your individual requests to TipTop and allow TipTop to design and operate the perfect tour for you. TipTop’s customers have the unique opportunity to create their own itinerary for their tour. This is our way of helping you to make your time in Holland a real memory-maker.

Whilst you daydream about your perfect stay in The Netherlands, TipTop is already busy making your dreams come true! The city-tours listed below are just a sample of what is possible - your tour is going to be customized specifically for you. The description of the city-tour may give you some ideas about the places you want to visit.

Any destination in the Netherlands and Europe can be booked, from Alkmaar to Barcelona, from Keukenhof to the Deltaworks.
Your group will enjoy comfort seating with TipTop’s transport in style. The vehicle used is excellent in comfort, access and visibility. It features the advances in safety and comfort. The sliding doors allow easy entry and exit. The windows are angled for that 'straight up' view.


Capital of The Netherlands with many cultural highlights: TipTop would love to show you around and give you the best Amsterdam Experience possible!
To make your trip to Amsterdam a real memory-maker, TipTop designs the trip with you, so that together, we add the ingredients that you like to see and taste!


On your trip to Rotterdam you will enjoy the most magnificent view over Rotterdam and Europe's largest harbour. Enjoy the sensation of a space adventure and go for a ride in the Space Tower called Euromast. You enter a round elevator and get seated on a circular bench facing outwards – the tower rotates as it ascends and descends and affords you a panoramic view.

It's a city with outstanding architecture and delightful culture. Amongst your highlights will be the cube houses, the Swan (Erasmus Bridge) and the Maas River.


Blue, but there is no time to feel blue in this charming old city with a rich and royal history. The most obvious expressions of the royal link are the mausoleum and the vault in the Nieuwe Kerk and the Prinsenhof, where the Father of the Nation, William of Orange was murdered.

Do you remember "Girl with a Pearl Earring" ?
This is the city where she was painted! Not only was the famous painter Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) born in Delft, but he lived and worked here almost all his life.

Of course your day in Delft is the perfect opportunity to visit a factory that still produces original Delft blue ceramics. Your Delft Day can be made complete by treating yourself to typical Dutch 'poffertjes' (small pancakes) on the finest square of the Netherlands with a grand view of the city hall and the Nieuwe Kerk.

The Hague

The Hague, seat of the Dutch Government, but not the official capital of the Netherlands, a role set aside by the Dutch constitution for Amsterdam.
The Hague is the home of the Eerste Kamer (first chamber) and the Tweede Kamer (second chamber), respectively the upper and lower houses forming the Staten Generaal (literally the "Estates-General"). Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands lives and works in The Hague. All foreign embassies and government ministries are located in the city, as well as the Hoge Raad der Nederlanden (The Supreme Court).
On your TipTop tour you will be visiting Panorama Mesdag, largest painting of The Netherlands; Holland's most famous beach resort Scheveningen and the Peace Palace. TipTop will treat you in a royal way on a royal day!


Leiden is where Rembrandt was born and developed his painting skills. Leiden's atmosphere is largely determined by the first university in Holland (1575), which has developed into a world-famous centre of science, while its many students contribute to the lively and convivial atmosphere in the city.

The history of Leiden begins long before our era. Remains have been found at various locations dating as far back as 500 to 100 BC. A permanent settlement was only established on the banks of the Rhine after the year 1000. For visitors who love history, architecture and antiquities,

Leiden is the place to be: University History Museum, Anatomy Museum, Leiden Botanical Gardens (Hortus Botanicus Leiden), National Museum of Natural History Naturalis, University Print Collection, National Museum of Antiquities, National Museum of Ethnology, Municipal Museum of Leiden, Clothmakers' Hall. Make your trip to Leiden a real memory; you can be a history maker!


Cheese, candles, smoking-pipes, ‘stroofwafels’….. you’ll find it all in Gouda!
Your private TipTop chauffeur will take you comfortably to Gouda via the scenic route; a great way to capture some of the Dutch countryside. As you see the river Gouwe meandering through Holland's landscape, your thoughts will be filled with the many challenges this country has had in the past with water-management.
Closer to Gouda’s city-centre, the river will develop into smaller canals.

Right in the middle of the city square, the Town Hall has a prominent place. Whilst you are in Gouda, it’s definitely worthwhile visiting the St. Janskerk, the largest church of Holland.
Why not try a ‘stroopwafel’ ? A delicious caramel centered Dutch biscuit, freshly baked every day in numerous bakeries in and around Gouda. Before saying ‘goodbye’ to Gouda don’t forget to say ‘cheese’ at the Cheese Weighing House