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Who is behind TipTop Taxi

Suzan Pronk, owner of TipTop Company, speaks: “I started Tip Top Taxi in 2007 and after all these years I have built up a solid network and a good customer base. My aim is to provide passengers with the best service. Over the years I have discovered that my passion for service has only become stronger through running my business.

I am proud of my company, extremely happy with my customer base and every reason for gratitude. Carefully building up my current client base has taken time, but has meant that I am booked again and again by my regular clients. That creates a bond and brings trust, which I always want to handle with care and gratitude.

TipTop Taxi
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Schiphol 10% Discount

Amstelveen – Schiphol
Buitenveldert – Schiphol
Uithoorn – Schiphol

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